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Wednesday, May 23 2018

We are preparing the next site builder system update. This update will feature many new enhancements and optimisations. We are in the the final stages of testing and are planning to enable features in phases. Not all of the features will be available at the same time. The updates include: 

- HTTPS Security
- Mobile Editing
- Performance
- Data/Privacy GDPR
- Site Editor Updates
- System/Components
- Design Updates

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Monday, November 20 2017

Here at The Creative Flock, we value your time and know you need answers to questions quickly. To help you with this, we're improving our communication channels.

Our first improvement is the introduction of LiveChat to our suite of sites. Whether you are visiting our main site The Creative Flock, signing up to create your own website using our website builder at Create a Website, having us design a professional website for you at Web Artistry or ordering a logo at Graphix Design, our team will be there to chat with you. 

Feel free to ask us about website builder packages, website design pricing, website builder technical issues or find out how your custom graphics are progressing. Whatever your needs The Creative Flock Team are here to help.

Visit ond our our websites today and lets have a chat!

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Monday, November 13 2017
Create a Website System Update - October 2017

New iPad site editor updates to help you edit your website on the go, quickbar updates now allow positioning of elements to the left and/or right, image animations added and lots more new layouts added too. Login to your site and have a browse to see what's new!

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Monday, November 06 2017

We have added a new dark layout with a full background image.

New image hover animations are also added (go to design->advanced->animated transitions)

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Monday, October 30 2017

We have added another new mobile responsive layout. To change your layout, go to the design area. Click select layout.

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Monday, October 23 2017

We have added a new layout that features a menubar that extends the full width of the screen. 

The quickbar settings have been updated to let you position quickbar items on the left side of the quickbar and main menu.

Easily add text/image animations to your content sliders. Click the text/img animations to set the animations.

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Monday, October 16 2017

If you offer subscription items for sale in your store, you may now set a limit on how many times a subscription is charged.

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Monday, October 09 2017

A new update has been rolled out to fix issues with editing text on ipad. 

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Monday, October 02 2017

The blog comments and message board will now use Google Recaptcha to prevent spamming.

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Wednesday, August 09 2017

Release 4.97 is currently being deployed, and we hope to have the release available to all customers within the next couple of weeks. 

New Templates / Styles
New layouts have been added and many more are in the works. These responsive layouts give you the flexibility to setup any kind of design to meet your needs.

New Page Layouts
We have made it easier to create fantastic looking pages. Our new page layouts will get you started with great looking pages. Select your page style, upload images and enter your text.

Updated Text Editor
The text editor has been updated and now supports the Microsoft Edge Browser


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