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Monday, November 06 2017

We have added a new dark layout with a full background image.

New image hover animations are also added (go to design->advanced->animated transitions)

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Monday, October 30 2017

We have added another new mobile responsive layout. To change your layout, go to the design area. Click select layout.

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Monday, October 23 2017

We have added a new layout that features a menubar that extends the full width of the screen. 

The quickbar settings have been updated to let you position quickbar items on the left side of the quickbar and main menu.

Easily add text/image animations to your content sliders. Click the text/img animations to set the animations.

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Monday, October 16 2017

If you offer subscription items for sale in your store, you may now set a limit on how many times a subscription is charged.

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Monday, October 09 2017

A new update has been rolled out to fix issues with editing text on ipad. 

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Monday, October 02 2017

The blog comments and message board will now use Google Recaptcha to prevent spamming.

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Wednesday, August 09 2017

Release 4.97 is currently being deployed, and we hope to have the release available to all customers within the next couple of weeks. 

New Templates / Styles
New layouts have been added and many more are in the works. These responsive layouts give you the flexibility to setup any kind of design to meet your needs.

New Page Layouts
We have made it easier to create fantastic looking pages. Our new page layouts will get you started with great looking pages. Select your page style, upload images and enter your text.

Updated Text Editor
The text editor has been updated and now supports the Microsoft Edge Browser


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Wednesday, August 08 2012

The first system update of 2012 is currently being deployed. This upgrade includes many minor enhancements, as well as the beginnings of our upgraded design system.

* New/updated design features
* Header & images
* Layout builder templates
* Design manager
* Design explorer (preview coming soon)
* Layout selection page
* Designs vs Layouts
* QuickEdit bar
* Ecommerce group coupons
* Ecommerce administation updates (manage products)
* Misc updates


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Wednesday, September 14 2011

* User Accounts
* Mailing List
* Blog Updates
* Form Builder
* Social Networking
* Media Library Component
* Marketing/Reports
* Updated User Edit Tabs
* Traffic Stats
* Text Editor 2.0
* Site Search
* Misc Updates
* E-Commerce


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Wednesday, May 18 2011

* Animated image transition effects
* Australian e-commerce updates
* Product ID on product catalogue page
* Social networking link

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Friday, April 08 2011

* Product zoom images
* Bulk image import
* Additional product images

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Thursday, March 31 2011

* Content Slider Component
* Google Font Directory
* Sidebar Configuration
* Design Library
* E-Commerce
* Multi file upload with drag/drop for Chrome and Firefox
* Misc Updates
* Design Backups
* Default Banner Width Settings
* Layout Builder (Advanced Feature)
* BizLive Chat
* Web Developer Tools (Advanced Feature)

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Friday, October 22 2010

The next site builder update is just about ready.  We should start updating systems beginning next week.  The update will include the following new features and enhancements.

Site builder 2 interface updates
- The component edit buttons and some edit header graphics have been updated/enhanced
- The edit component overlay window now has the apply/cancel buttons in the top area of the edit window so they are always available
- The view site tab has been updated with a drop down menu that lets you toggle between your website and your mobile site.
- A link to the mobile website has been added to the main admin page in the build my site area

Updated image/text components
The core text components have been updated.  The updates will make the text layouts easier to setup and customise.  For any text/image component you can set the layout, title style and link.  The main image screen has been simplified to make it easier to select/upload your images.  The number of clicks to upload/select an image for the text/image components has been reduced. Ex. when editing a text/image component you can upload the image directly from the main text editor page, instead of clicking on the preview image to go to the image area.

A new option has been added to let you set image border colour as well as the caption below images by using the standard text/image layouts.  The image resize/crop tools have been updated to make it a bit easier to work with your images. 

Several new designs have been added to the system.

Social networking
- Add social networking buttons to the quickbar that link directly to your facebook/twitter accounts
- New social networking button component lets you add facebook/twitter buttons to your site.  These links go to your facebook/twitter account.
- A new 3d social networking icon set has been added 

Google page translation (quickbar)
This Google page translation quickbar option adds a drop down language menu to your quickbar.  This menu allows visitors to a website to select their language.  The page is translated to the visitor's language.

Google settings menu
Many customers have difficulty finding some of the Google options for their website such as the webmaster tools verification and sitemap information. We have added a new Google integration menu that should make it easier for customers to find the Google settings.
- Google AdWords
- Google / search engine submission
- Google webmaster tools/sitemap verification 

The blog now supports blog post summaries.  When you add a summary to a blog post, the summary will be displayed on the main blog page instead of the full blog post.  You can also set the summary to be included in the blog RSS feed.

Add your blog RSS feed as a site feed so that it shows up in the browser tool bar.  When this option is enabled you will see the feed icon in the browser toolbar (if supported by browser) for the website's RSS feeds.   This icon will either link to the website feed xml file (if the site has one feed) or link to a feed's page if the website has multiple blog feeds. 

Canonical meta tag
The canonical meta tag is used to set your preferred domain name for search engines.  Ex. or  When search engines index the website, all links will be indexed under the canonical domain name.

RSS Component
Set the number of RSS feed entries to be displayed on your pages.  Customise the fonts/styles for the feed display. 

Ecommerce product links
Enable the option to include the product name in the link/URL for product detail pages.  Including the product name on the product link can help with search engine ranking.

Ecommerce Misc
- Google base product export
- New gateways (payments gateway, RealEx payments)
- ACH - customers can enable ACH for checkout if supported by their gateway
- Product property - set product to not be discountable (coupons do not apply to product)

Mobile website admin
The design/style of the mobile admin has been adjusted.  You can now access ecommerce reports from your mobile phone.

Account settings
There are times when you may wish to temporarily disable access to your website (place the website under construction).  From the my account page, you will now be able to set  the entire site to under construction.  When site access is disabled, visitors to the site see an under construction message.  The site owner can still login and manage the website.

Message board
You can now set the message board to approve message board posts via email.

Media files
A site builder media tab has been added to the file manager.  This tab allows you to view/delete media files that you have loaded with the site builder media components. 

Site builder browser icon
We have added a browser icon to the site builder.  This is the icon that is displayed by the browser in the tabs/title area when viewing a website.  To help you customise your service, we are going to be adding an option to your partner admin that will let you set the browser icon for your service.  You will just need to have a valid .ico file and set the link to the file in your admin settings.

Spam filter
We are working on updates to the spam filter that will allow you to adjust the spam filter sensitivity.  We are investigating an option to have email tagged as spam instead of just being deleted by the system.  Email that is tagged as spam will include "SPAM:" in the message subject.  Using an email client you can setup mail processing rules to automatically move email with "SPAM:" in the subject to a spam folder.

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Monday, June 28 2010

System Update: 4.17
We are planning to start upgrading our systems next week. The update will include the following new features and enhancements:

Website builder interface

The new website builder interface will now be the default for newly created trials.  Existing customers can continue to use the old website builder to create a website and all customers will still be able to choose between both versions of the wesite builder interface.

Website builder plans

We are making adjustments to the default website builder plans.  These adjustments will include increased disk space and email accounts at all plan levels.  We will be sending more information with the new plan details shortly.

  • Ecommerce rewards
  • Append notes to orders
  • Add social networking links to product detail pages
  • Product search within the site admin has been updated.  Allows you to change the product category after viewing a product through the search
  • Product advanced settings now has a "Generate HTML links" for buy now and add to cart buttons.  This allows product links to be added onto external websites
  • Maximum product quantity setting for a product which is enforced on attempted order completion
Mobile website

More and more internet users are using mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android.  This release will include support for adding mobile optimised pages.   Customers can create new pages that are designed to work on advanced mobile devices. 

When browsing to a website on a mobile device, the visitor will be presented wtih a message asking if they would like to view the mobile version of the website.  For customers where we host their DNS settings, we are automatically setting up entries such as to allow visitors a way to go directly to the mobile website home page.

The mobile support is not for all mobile devices.  It is designed to work with advanced mobile smartphones such as the iPhone and Android based devices that have full HTML support (we are not supporting WAP based phones).

Secure forms (may require a plan upgrade)

With the secure forms upgrade, you can use the form builder to collect form information over a secure https:// page. The data that is submitted is saved in the site admin. and can be viewed when logged into the site over a secure (https) URL.

  • When visitors browser to a page with a secure form they will be redirected to a https:// version of the page
  • For security reasons, the form data is not sent in the form email it can only be viewed when logged into the site admin 
  • The secure form cannot be used to collect credit card/billing information
  • The secure forms feature does not include the ability for customers to use their own SSL certificates at this time. 
AppDB (may require plan upgrade)

Use the AppDb feature to setup a searchable/sortable data table. You can define your own custom fields when setting up the data table. To create a new AppDb go to the page list and click the AppDb page type.  


  • Manage up to 6 different groupbox styles
  • More CSS menu options
  • CSS animated menus
System features and updates
  • Blog - customise blog fonts & styles and set the number of blog entries (up to 10) to be displayed on the main blog page (set number of entries or number of days to display)
  • Form builder data - submitted form data can be viewed through the website
  • Social networking links - added support for Google Buzz
  • Image resize - added a slider to make it easier to resize images
  • Footer style - added more style options to customise the footer area
  • Image galleries/rotators - added support for displaying the image descriptions in all gallery modes
  • FireFox 3.6 new file upload interface, including support for drag/drop file uploading
  • Invoice view for customer hosting bills 

 We hope you like the new and improved features to help you create a website!

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Tuesday, February 02 2010
Website builder system update 4.16
We will start upgrading systems with the 4.16 website builder update beginning this week.  It will probably take about a week before all the systems have been upgraded, so some accounts will have the updated features available before others. 
The release will include the following new features and updates.
The banner/header system has been enhanced to support rotating banners and custom overlay text/HTML. The rotating banner feature enables you to setup a sequence of banner images. The header area will cycle through the banner images fading in and out between each image. Other options include banners that randomly display each time a page is viewed.
In addition to multiple banners, a text/HTML overlay can be setup that goes on top of each banner in the sequence. You can set the text, size and the position of the overlay. One use of the overlay text would be to create clickable text/image links that are in the banner area.
To setup rotating banners and overlays, go to the design area and click the "header & images" link. Then click the "rotating banners/overlay" tab.
Text/css menus
Customise the colours and style for text based menus. Customisations include font colour, style and background colour for the regular menu, selected menu and hover over menu. (for this feature to be available you may need to reselect your layout or reselect your menu button style)
Customise the style for your website forms. Adjust the font size, colours, borders and spacing of your form fields/labels.
Product catalogue display
The product customisations allow you to set the borders/backgrounds/colours/fonts/styles for over 20 different areas in the product catalogue display. The customisable areas include the product title, product links, labels, price fields, description text, title areas and more.
The new accordion mode displays a vertical list of tab names with the tab content below the tab name. The update also includes an option to set the font size for the tab and accordion text.
The product thumbnail image feature has been enhanced. The images are now be easier to setup. With the website builder preview/flash upload enabled, you can upload multiple thumbnail images at the same time for a product. The new thumbnail option displays the thumbnail preview images directly below the main product image on the product detail page. When a thumbnail image is clicked, the main product image will change to display the larger image for the thumbnail. This option lets customers view more product images directly from the product detail page.
 - Profit/cost report
 - Sales by state
 - Sales by country
 - Updated graph/chart style
Add a countdown timer to your website. The dynamically updating timer displays the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds to the date that you specify. You can set a destination page that users are taken to when the counter expires.   Edit any page, click the add button and choose the countdown timer from the standard/HTML menu.
A map button has been added to the user account details page and the order detail page. Click the map button to open a new window that displays a map of the users contact address. For orders the shipping address is also added to the map window.
 - Set the font size for tabs in the tabbed content component
 - Updated image manager resize and crop features to work in FireFox
 - Added new view to image manager to see files
 - Added option to center align the main menu
 - Popup calendar for date selection (blog, calendar, coupon editor)
 - Text editor 2.0: background preview - allows you to see how your text will look on dark or light backgrounds
 - New logos
 - Updated banners
 - Gradient maker (background images)
 - Layout properties - updated page for selecting page width
 - Misc graphic updates and adjustments
 - Added drop down menu to page properties button
The new downloadable website builder user manual is now available from the main help page. The manual is a 14 meg downloadable PDF file. The manual contains screen shots and instructions for using the website builder system. 
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