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Wednesday, September 14 2011
The UI in the user accounts area has been updated to make accounts easier to navigate and manage.
  • Tabs have been added at the top of the user accounts page that let you easily switch between the user groups and user accounts view.
  • The user accounts details page now opens in a popup window for quick access.
  • The selected user group checkboxes have been updated to make them easier to work with.
  • A new link has been added to the user account detail page that lets you send a quick email to the user.
  • Navigation has been enhanced to make it easier to switch between user groups.
  • Updated mailing list user interface.
  • New email templates added (30+ new templates).
  • New email templates automatically include social networking links in the template.
  • Updated mailing list template user interface. You can now preview a template before selecting it.
  • New option to set the email "from" display name as well as a tracking code for the email. The tracking code is automatically added to links in your email. This allows you to track the effectiveness of your newsletters.
  • The blog user interface has been updated.
  • New option to save a blog post as a draft.
  • Added support for integrating facebook comment system (enable from blog settings page).
  • Blog manager now has direct links to easily send a tweet with link for new blog posts.
  • New options at the top of the form builder make it easier to enable the contact DB and mailing list features on the form.
  • The form builder user interface has been updated. There were a lot of options on the page which can make the form builder a bit confusing to configure. Some options have been moved into settings tabs.
  • Support for Google +1 button added.
  • New option to send a Tweet from within the site builder.

Use the new media library page to create a sortable media list with embedded media player. Upload your audio/video files. The media library automatically creates a RSS feed/pod cast for the uploaded media.


We are creating a new area in the site builder that will combine much of what is in the marketing area, reports and other misc features. This area will provide quick access to reports, help information and core marketing features such as the blog and mailing list. We plan to grow this area over time. The initial marketing/reports section will include links to the different site builder areas.

Monitor your site

  • view stats
  • ecommerce reports
  • Blog
  • Mailing list
  • Twitter updates
  • Social networking configuration
Manage users/leads
  • user groups
  • manage users
  • forms database
Seo/search marketing (information, site map creation and search engine submission)
  • optimize
  • sitemap
  • submit site
  • pay per click
  • google
Design / marketing guide (guides and tips to improve your site)
  • design for success
  • generate traffic
  • capture / convert leads
  • analyze / review

We have added an option to try out a new set of tabs at the top of the site builder to get feedback. The new set of tabs provides quick access to the new marketing/reports area as well as direct access to core ecommerce functions for store accounts. It will be easy for customers to switch between the existing tabs and the new tabs.

Edit tabs ( this design is not final - we are still working on it )
With the new marketing/reports tab (shown in preview image), we are providing more direct access to important site builder areas. This includes the new marketing area which should help highlight many of the marketing/site management features that are included with the system.

We want to encourage you to be more proactive in marketing your website. To be successful you need to do much much more that enter keywords, submit your site and wait for something to happen. We want to provide direct access to the tools, information and tips you need to be successful.  Eg how to run a blog, tips for growing your email newsletter and how to use social media marketing.

Admin tabs for Websites

  • admin
  • view site
  • edit site
  • design
  • marketing/reports
  • help
Admin tabs for Ecommerce sites
  • admin
  • website
  • store setup
  • products
  • orders
  • customers
  • marketing/reports
  • help
  • basic traffic stats are now maintained for up to 3 years (this will only include stats collected after the update is installed)
  • new option to reset all your traffic stats
  • new option to reset your traffic stats referrers/search engines/keywords
  • stats have been updated to be tracked in the site owners local time based on their time zone setting
  • NOTE: stats before this update will not reflect the correct timezone
  • The text editor has been updated to allow you to style text as H1, H2, or H3 from the style drop down menu. The H1, H2, H3 styles will match the styles that you have for the title 1, title 2 and title 3 in the text/fonts area.
  • Site page search now includes blog posts and HTML pages
  • Message board no longer requires capcha when you are logged in.
  • Displayable user name for message board when user accounts/login required to post messages.
  • Updated mobile/browser detection for stats and mobile pages.
  • the drop down tab menu for edit site now includes direct links to all of the settings pages.
  • calendar uses timezone offset.
  • Ecommerce reports are now displayed in the users time zone (only applies to new orders completed after this update)
  • For products that ship in their own box, you can now set the package dimensions
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